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Volume 5: Academic Year July 2021 - June 2022

Front page of newsletter showing four doctors

Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2021

Excellence in Caring for Older Adults

Main Story: The number of older adults is increasing in the U.S. So is the number at ZSFG. The percentage of patients age 65 or older at ZSFG has increased from 13% in 2014 to 18% in 2021.  Now, over 16,000 patients at ZSFG are age 65 or older. Older adults want to age gracefully, preserving cognitive function, physical abilities and independence.  We asked our geriatricians, specialists trained to evaluate and manage the healthcare needs and treatment preferences of older people, about their work at ZSFG.  

Spotlight: Flu vaccines, UCSF Diversity Month

Volume 5, Issue 3, August 2021

Celebrating Our Dynamic and Caring Staff

Main Story: ZSFG Department of Medicine Staff Excellence Awards 2021. Each year, our department honors staff who have excelled beyond expectations in the areas of Administrative Support, Leadership, Patient Care, and Research. Staff are nominated by colleagues, reviewed by a committee of staff and faculty, and finalized by department leadership. This year's recipients reflect an exemplary commitment to care and innovation, with two awardees selected in each category. All demonstrate a dedication to our mission of serving our community with excellence. We recognized award recipients in an online ceremony on Friday, September 10, 2021. 

Spotlight: Flu vaccines, Women in Medicine Month and Latinx Heritage Month, Paul Blanc, MD; Jennifer Mandal, MD; Mike Reid, MD; Binh An Phan, MD; Dean Sheppard, MD; Payam Nahid, MD; In Memoriam - Anitha Toke, MD

Front page of newsletter showing chief residents from 1963-1964 with chief residents of 2021 - 2022. Volume 5, Issue 2, August 2021

Inspiring Chief Residents Throughout the Years

Main Story: Chief residents are an important cornerstone in the education and leadership of the many residents in the UCSF Department of Medicine. Selected for their exceptional clinical and leadership skills, chief residents have multiple roles. In this issue, we recognize the talent and diversity that present, recent, and past chief residents have brought to the DOM at ZSFG over six decades with Chiefs of Medicine Norman Sweet, MD; Henry Brainerd, MD;  Hibbard Williams, MD; Merle Sande, MD; Talmadge King, MD;  and Neil Powe, MD. Many remain at UCSF and others are making important contributions to patient care and American Medicine elsewhere.  We asked past chief residents about their most meaningful experiences while in the position and advice they would bestow upon current residents starting their medical careers. 

front page of newsletter showing new chief residents with Chief of ZSFG Medicine Neil PoweVolume 5, Issue 1, July 2021

ZSFG Medicine Chief Residents: Supporting Our Learners

Main Story: At the beginning of this 2021-2022 academic year, we welcome our three new chief residents. These outstanding, dedicated young physicians are recent graduates of our internal medicine residency program who will help teach, mentor, and support the 180 interns and residents who rotate through the Department of Medicine at ZSFG. Raphaela Lipinsky DeGette, MD, MS, and Adalí Martínez, MD, MPH, will focus on inpatient care, and Andreas Mitchell, MD, MPP, will focus on ambulatory care. 

Spotlight: ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty and staff honors and announcements including: Diane Havlir, MD; Anna Chodos, MD; Lucas Zier, MD; Leonard Telesca; Andrew Kim, MD; Jillian Kadota

Volume 4: Academic Year July 2020 - June 2021


Cover of June 2021 newsletterVolume 4, Issue 12, June 2021

Of Noble Status: Emeriti Faculty

Main Story: The ZSFG Department of Medicine is fortunate to have several emeriti faculty, who choose to contribute after retirement. This month we honor three emeriti faculty who are sharing their wisdom and applying a wealth of experience to advance our missions. We also celebrate all of our emeriti faculty in a photo tribute (see last page). Highlighted: Morrie Schambelan, MD; Jacqueline Tulsky, MD; Henry "Chip" Chambers, MD

Spotlight: ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty recipients honors and announcements including: Diane Havlir, MD; Marcela Zhou Huang, MD, MPH; Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD, MS; Monica Gandhi, MD; Dean Sheppard, MD; Vivek Jain, MD; Beth Harleman, MD; Emily Silverman, MD; Ashley McMullen, MD.


Cover of May 2021newsletterVolume 4, Issue 11, May 2021

Celebrating the Talents of Our Team: ZSFG Medicine Faculty Awards

Main Story: The Department of Medicine at Zuckerberg San Francisco General celebrates its hard-working,
talented and dedicated members through the 2021 ZSFG Medicine Service Awards. These awards are an opportunity to express gratitude for faculty commitment to the hospital and department’s goals. Peers, through comments, provided nominations.

Additional: STAR Achievement Staff Awards


Cover of April 2021 newsletterVolume 4, Issue 10, April 2021

Research and Equity Reinforced by Epic

Main Story: ZSFG is home to world-class care teams and scientists, and the August 2019 launch of the Epic electronic health record (EHR) opened up new opportunities to improve patient care, health equity, and research. Epic replaced more than 20 older EHR systems, enabling clinicians to easily share notes, lab test results, and other information with others caring for the same patient across the San Francisco Health Network (SFHN).

Spotlight: Faculty honors, announcements, and events including: Larissa Thomas, MD; Digital Health Equity Summit; Courtney Lyles, PhD; Urmimala Sarkar, MD; Amy Ou, MD; Alicia Fernandez, MD; Jessica Holtzman, MD; Veronica Manzo, MD; Catherine Crawford, MD


Cover of March 2021 newsletterVolume 4, Issue 9, March 2021

Guiding the Way to Better Health: ZSFG Patient Navigation

Main Story: Under the best of circumstances, it can be difficult for patients to find their way through the complex health care system – but many can fall through the cracks if they struggle with additional challenges, such as poverty, limited English proficiency, or social isolation. Patient navigators help remedy this dilemma, providing practical resources and a reassuring presence to patients throughout their journey. ZSFG has several outstanding patient navigation programs, each tailored to meeting patients where they are in their lives.​​​​​ Navigators interviewed include: Laurel Puffert; Barbara Cicerelli, MPA; Rebeca Garcia, MPH.

Spotlight: PRISE Center launch and faculty honors including: Adithya Cattamanchi, MD, MAS; Margaret Handley, PhD, MPH; Alicia Fernandez, MD; Urmimala Sarkar, MD; Margot Kushel, MD; Diane Havlir, MD; Carina Marquez, MD.


Cover of February 2021 newsletterVolume 4, Issue 8, February 2021

ZSFG Research And Academic Building: A Future Home For Research Becomes A Reality

Main Story: UCSF's state-of-the-art Research and Academic Building (RAB) at ZSFG is scheduled for move-in in 2023. ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty and staff who serve as co-chairs on planning workgroups are interviewed including Urmimala Sarkar, MD, MPH; Laurae Pearson; Gideon St. Helen, PhD; Peter Hunt, MD; Rebecca Hoh, MS, RD

Spotlight: ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty recipients of awards and honors including: Emily Silverman, MD; Marlene Martin, MD.


Cover of January 2021newsletterVolume 4, Issue 7, Special Edition - January 2021

A Dedicated Department In A Challenging Time

Main Story: A special State of the Department issue highlighting achievements and marking progress in achieving goals. Areas of focus include ZSFG Department of Medicine mission, values, and goals; leaders and workforce; clinical operations; performance improvement; education; COVID-19 response; anti-racism; clinical expansion; research; challenges; and the future.


Cover of December 2020 newsletterVolume 4, Issue 6, December 2020

Caring For Our Community With Outreach And Action

Main Story: In this issue we celebrate initiatives at ZSFG Department of Medicine that exemplify our commitment to the community, including the EatSF program, patient and staff voter outreach, and the annual toy drive. Faculty and staff interviewed include: Hilary Seligman, MD; Ilana Garcia-Grossman, MD; and Olive Giovannetti.  


Cover of November 2020 newsletterVolume 4, Issue 5, November 2020

Cultivating The Quintessential Physician: The Bridges Coaches Program

Main Story: UCSF School of Medicine's Bridges Curriculum engages clinician-educators in a program that helps medical students develop the professional and personal skills essential for becoming a doctor. ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty Bridges coaches include: Binh An Phan, MD; Lawrence Haber, MD; and Sarah Goglin, MD.

Spotlight: ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty recipients of awards and honors including: Eric Goosby, MD; Philip Hopewell, MD; Marlene Martin, MD; Neil Powe, MD, MPH, MBA. San Francisco Health Commission honored all ZSFG Hospital Staff members and recognized the Infection Control team including Lisa Winston, MD; Vivek Jain, MD; Antonio Gomez, MD; Jessica Chuang, MD 


Cover of October 2020 newsletterVolume 4, Issue 4, October 2020

Gratitude For Navigating The Unforeseen: COVID-19

Main Story: Reflections of ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty and staff in divisions and workgroups on the frontlines of COVID-19, in their own words, including: Jessica Chuang, MD; Gabriel Chamie, MD; Melody Davenport-McLaughlin; Elizabeth Imbert, MD; Annie Luetkemeyer, MD; Justin Moore, PhD, MPA; David Pearce, MD; Jason Rahman; Sumant Ranji, MD; Lisa Winston, MD

Spotlight: Registration open for Promoting Research in Social Media and Health Symposium (PRISM), December 3-4, with ZSFG DOM faculty Urmimala Sarkar, MD, MPH and Courtney Lyles, PhD, on the steering committee.


Cover of September 2020 NewsletterVolume 4, Issue 3, September 2020

Celebrating Our Innovative & Amazing Staff

Main Story: ZSFG Department of Medicine Staff Excellence Awards 2020 recipients, including Julius Cervania; Rebecca Crowder; Jon Oskarsson, RN; and Binh Tran.

Spotlight: Flu shots available at ZSFG; ZSFG DOM faculty recipients of awards and honors: Sarah Goglin, MD; Meghan O'Brien, MD; Binh An Phan, MD; Harina Sarathy, MD; Neeta Thakur, MD; Antonio Gomez, MD; Scott Steiger, MD; Vanessa Thompson, MD.


Cover of August 2020 NewsletterVolume 4, Issue 2, August 2020

Epic At One Year: A Magnificent Team Effort

Main Story: ​​​​​Epic, the enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR), has accelerated communication and outstanding care at ZSFG. We look at this first year of implementation, interviewing Neda Ratanawongsa, MD, MPH; Seth Goldman, MD; and George Su, MD

Spotlight: ZSFG DOM faculty recipients of awards and directorships: Nora Goldschlager, MD; Scott Steiger, MD; Anna Chodos, MD


Cover of July 2020 NewsletterVolume 4, Issue 1, July 2020

Welcome To Our New Chief Residents

Main Story: This month we welcome our new chief residents, Lurit Bepo, MD, MPH; Thuy Trang Jennie "TJ" Nguyen, MD; and Saundra Nguyen, MD, MPH.

Spotlight: ZSFG DOM faculty recipients of awards and directorships: Suneil Koliwad, MD, MPH; Courtney Lyles, PhD; Priscilla Hsue, MD; Adithya Cattamanchi, MD; Alicia Fernandez, MD; Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH; Beth Harleman, MD, named Vice Chief of Medicine at ZSFG.



Volume 3: Academic Year July 2019 - June 2020

Cover of June 2020 newsletterVolume 3, Issue 12, June 2020

Nurturing A Partnership of Equals: University and City

Main Story: The shared mission of UCSF and San Francisco Department of Public Health, featuring interviews with ZSFG CEO Susan Ehrlich, MD; Vice Dean of UCSF School of Medicine at ZSFG Sue Carlisle, MD; and Chief of the Medical Staff at ZSFG Claire Horton, MD

Spotlight: Vigil for George Floyd, Talmadge E. King Jr, MD receives the Elliot Rapaport Award; Catherine Crawford, MD, receives the Krevans Award; Lisa Winston, MD, elected ZSFG Chief of Staff


Cover of May 2020 NewsletterVolume 3, Issue 11, May 2020

Celebrating the Talents of our Team

Main Story: ZSFG Medicine Faculty Award recipients, including Sumant Ranji, MD; Megan O'Brien, MD; Elaine Khoong, MD; Jessica Beaman, MD, MPH; Jonathan Davis, MD; Sarah Leyde, MD; David Chia, MD; Binh An Phan, MD; Joseph Clement, MS, RN, CCNS; Hana Lim, MD; Glenn Egrie, MD.

Spotlight: ZSFG DOM faculty recipients of national and university awards including Antonio Gomez, MD; Alicia Fernandez, MD; Priscilla Hsue, MD; Nynikka Palmer, MD; Dean Schillinger, MD; Claire Horton, MD


Cover of April 2020 NewsletterVolume 3, Issue 10, April 2020

Navigating Social Media with Grace

Main Story: ​​​​​Considering the positive and negative impact that healthcare providers and leaders can have in harnessing social media featuring interviews with Department of Medicine Associate Chair for Faculty Experience Beth Harleman, MD and Chair of UCSF Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD, MD, MAS. 

Spotlight: ZSFG DOM recipients of 2020 Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Management, Laurae Pearson and Clarice Estrada; Academic Senate Distinction in Mentoring Award recipient Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH.


Cover of March 2020 NewsletterVolume 3, Issue 9, March 2020

Dedicated and Prepared to Protect

Main Story: ZSFG's Infection Prevention and Control Program and Occupational and Employee Health Services work to protect from COVID-19, featuring interviews with Co-Medical Director of ZSFG Infection Prevention and Control Program Vivek Jain, MD; Infection Prevention and Control Program Manager Elaine Dekker, RN; ZSFG OEHS Medical Director Jessica Chuang, MD, MPH, and Chief of the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Paul D. Blanc, MD


Cover of February 2020 NewsletterVolume 3, Issue 8, February 2020

Caring For An Expanding Number Of Inpatients

Main Story: Since ZSFG opened the new hospital in May 2016, the number of inpatients has increased by about 7 percent per year. This issue looks at challenges, sharing the load, optimizing resident experiences, and realizing performance improvement. Interviews with ZSFG Department of Medicine faculty include Sumant Ranji, MD; David Chia, MD; Lisa Winston, MD.

Spotlight: The Addiction Care Team, led by Marlene Martin, MD, and Hannah Snyder, MD, was awarded a $ million donation. 



Volume 2:  Academic Year 2018 - 2019
Volume 1: Spring 2017 and Academic Year 2017 - 2018