Delphine Tuot was named the Associate CMO for specialty care and diagnostics at ZSFG

Dear colleagues,

It is an honor to announce that Dr. Delphine Tuot will be our new Associate CMO for specialty care and diagnostics effective February 1, 2019. 

Dr. Tuot completed her undergraduate degree at Stanford University in 2001 and received her medical degree from McGill University in 2005. After medical school she returned to the Bay Area to complete her residency in Internal Medicine and Nephrology fellowship at UCSF. Dr. Tuot is an Associate Professor of Medicine and has held many leadership roles at ZSFG including the Director of eConsult for SFHN for the last four years and is co-director of the Center for Innovation in Access and Quality at ZSFG.                           

Her career has focused on improving the delivery of high-quality specialty care in public health settings. Her work has aimed to increase patient and provider awareness about kidney disease to reduce disparities in kidney disease care delivery and outcomes and to enhance the primary-care specialty-care interface with electronic consultation, specialty care discharge criteria, and improved communication.

Additionally, Dr. Tuot has been a leader at the state and national level. She has aided leaders in other California safety-net systems who are implementing electronic consultation programs, serves as a core member of the California Connected Health Policy E-Consult Workgroup that seeks to advance the use of electronic consultation across the nation, and serves as a measure steward for several specialty care redesign metrics for the Public Hospital Redesign and Incentives Medi-Cal Program. 

We are thrilled to have Dr. Tuot step into this new role and to work and collaborate with all of our specialty care clinics as we move towards implementing Epic, initiate our facilities work in Building 5 and continue our journey on developing our people and leaders. 


Lukejohn Day, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, ZSFG